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International Conference on Green & Efficient Energy Technology and Materials GEETAM 2019 (March 6 to 8, 2019) a

Energy is the essence of human existence and catalyst for the development of a Nation. The continuously increasing global energy consumption and depleting conventional energy resources like fossil fuels are a great challenge to the mankind in the twenty-first century. The uses of these conventional resources are also held responsible for environmental pollution and the global warming. So, it is the time to look ahead and work in the right direction for the best utilization of present conventional energy resources by developing more efficient technologies, to find out some viable alternative sustainable energy technologies and also to protect our environment for the next generation. In this scenario, environmental friendly renewable energy sources like, solar, wind, geothermal, hydropower, tides, waves and biomass can play a key role to fulfil the global energy demand. The mission of the centre is to produce highly skilled manpower in the field of Energy Engineering, build a world class teaching and research infrastructure, develop new efficient energy technologies and devices, and to promote extensive activities in diverse area of renewable energy.