Department of Civil Engineering Research Area

    1. Runoff production mechanism 
    2. Hydrological investigation of dam and reservoir 
    3. Physically-based, distributed watershed modeling 
    4. Soft Computing·  Design of Micro Irrigation System 
    5. Groundwater Hydrology 
    6. Water Resources Systems
    7. Mathematical Modeling of Surface Flow
    8. Reservoir design and operation
    9. Flood Forecasting
    10. Application of Remote Sensing and GIS for water resources planning and management
    11. Irrigation Water Management
    12. Watershed Management
    13. Climate Change Impacts on Water Resources
    14. Hydraulics and Water Resources,
    15. Sediment Transport
    16. Experimental and Computational Hydraulics
    17. Soil Investigation
    18. Soil modification and Ground Improvement
    19. Pavement Geotechnics
    20. Reinforced Soil and Earth Structures
    21. Site Characterizations and Pavement Subgrade
    22. Modeling of Offshore and Onshore Foundations
    23. Traffic Data Collection and Analysis 
    24. Traffic Flow Theory  
    25. Delay Modelling  
    26. Intersection Design and control
    27. Bitumen Modifications