Main objectives:

  1. The office of Dean Students’ Welfare (DSW) shall look after the general welfare of the students outside the classroom which contribute to the growth and development of their personality.
  2. The DSW shall endeavour to promote understanding among the students of fuller realization of their objects through fruitful intellectual, social, cultural and corporate life in the University.
  3. The DSW shall assist the Vice-Chancellor in all matters affecting, students generally and shall exercise such powers and perform such other duties as assigned to the DSW by the Vice Chancellor.



  1. To arrange all the facilities for hostel accommodation including administrative decision for fooding, lodging in hostel, educational tours, excursions and participation in sports activities outside the University.
  2. To arrange for maintenance of students’ discipline in the University.
  3. To Organize all the social and cultural activities with student participation.
  4. To organize student council in the University and their functioning.
  5. To keep in touch with the guardians when required.