Department of Performing Arts


Mission Statement :

Performing Arts is a field where Tradition and Modernity negotiate Contemporary Technology. The Department of Performing Arts has firmly entrenched in the credence that Performing Arts is an innate expression of all humanity. The department focuses on specialised areas of performance skills to encourage cultural consciousness and intellectual activities through Performing Arts/studies for the benefit of all. The Department of Performing Arts aims to contribute to society and culture through training and education. 

“Traditional Performing Arts in the contemporary context”


About the Department

  1. Started in June 2013 (formerly known as Centre for Music and Performing Arts) under the School for the Study of Culture, the Department of Performing Arts concentrates on giving training in basic and formative concepts of Vocal Music and Theatre to create successful practitioners and researches in society, where live interaction can lead to new terrains of experience and intellect. The programs offered in the Department integrates theory with practice, art with technology, and artists with the audience. The objective of the Department is to empower students through rigorous training to new contexts with a rapidly changing contemporary culture and technology.
  2. The Department of Performing Arts strives to integrate rigorous practical training (in embodied and technological skills) with a deep theoretical understanding of its relations to the contemporary socio-cultural contexts – to make the practice sustainable and make research relevant to innovations in practice.
  3. The Department of Performing Arts builds on the rich heritage of performing skills that the students have inherited from their culture and community and empowers them to mark an impression on the contemporary cultural field.
  4. The Department of Performing Arts works to create an interactive and interdisciplinary approach by developing theoretical knowledge where traditional art practices will be analysed and adapted to the contemporary socio-cultural contexts.
  5. The Department of Performing Arts empowers students by imparting technical and technological skills to access contemporary avenues of performance presentation and dissemination through observation, practical exploration and theoretical analysis.
  6. The Department of Performing Arts promotes research on contemporary art practices to build a cultural network and to develop and understand the socio-aesthetic questions of the modern culture.
  7. The Department of Performing Arts engages in culturally enriching opportunities for all members of the university community where they can explore their own performative potential and the experiential implications of their areas of study.
  8. The Department of Performing Arts is aimed to integrate the practical facets of theatre with historical and theoretical aspects. The department also promotes Practice as Research as an area of research and artistic exploration.


Facilities: -

  1. Practice studios - 3 
  2. Theory classroom - 1
  3. Musical Instruments
  4. Sound system
  5. Full-fledged Lighting System, etc.