Mission Statement :

  1. To prepare learner-sensitive teachers with the knowledge, skills and dispositions to contribute to a better society.
  2. To develop competence to act not only as a leader of the children but also as a guide of the community and
    as a liaison between school and the community.
  3. To offer courses to the students for enhancing professionalism, humanism and social responsibility through quality education.

Vision :

  1. To prepare creative, culturally competent and critically reflective teachers who possess deep knowledge in their fields and
    work collaboratively to achieve high quality education for all.
  2. To prepare enlightened, skilled and dedicated teachers for the nation.
  3. To educate and train the student to be efficient, empathetic and socially responsible individuals.

Area of Research :

  1. Educational Management ,Administration and Evaluation
  2. Teacher Education
  3. Curriculum Studies
  4. Drama and Art in Education
  5. Inclusive Education
  6. Gender Education
  7. Pedagogy of  Mathematics /Science/Commerce/Social Science/Language
  8. Educational Psychology
  9. Sociology of  Education
  10. Educational Technology and ICT
  11. Guidance and Counselling etc.