Press Releases

Ranchi, Sept 25:

The Central University of Jharkhand has moved one step ahead in proliferating the research aptitude of its students.

In a lecture organised by Quarks Ensemble-the techno-science club of CUJ, the academia of the varsity encouraged the students to come forward and give their ideas to achieve their research goals.

Vice chancellor Prof. A. N. Misra emphasised on the importance of innovation and invigoration for the same. The lecture session, held recently, was followed by speech of Prof A Dutta (Dean, Academics) who not only discussed examples of simple, yet important innovation of the world but also provided key guidelines to start research.

The students actively participated and presented the outlines of their projects. They also showed enthusiasm in cracking the code of undergraduate projects.

Before the last interactive session, in which students raised their questions in front of the speakers, Prof A C Pandey (Dean, School of Natural Resource Management) and Prof B B Bhattacharya ( Professor, Department of Applied Mathematic) presented insightful ways to come up and start working upon the ideas of young minds.

“The inspiration to young minds and ignition of young ideas will unlock new paths for the welfare of mankind, and this lecture is a small step towards that only.” Bidisha, student of Energy engineering and club’s coordinator answered smilingly, when asked about vision behind organizing such lectures.  .