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Roselima Kamei Pamei

(Admission Date: 12/03/2012)

Indigenous Culture Studies

Gender and Customary Law among Rongmei of Manipur: An Ethnographic Study

Dr. Sucheta Sen Chaudhuri




Man Mohan Gupta

CUJ/P/2013/PHDAP/001 (Admission Date: 20/09/2013)

Applied Physics

Investigation of Light propagation through photonic crystals (PCs) for all-optical devices and components

Prof. Sarang Medhekar




Pallavi Kumari

CUJ/P/2013/PHDAC/003 (Admission Date: 24/09/2013)

Applied Chemistry

Synthesis and Studies on block copolymers with special functionality

Dr. Biplab Kumar Kuila




Kiran Kachhap


Dept. of Life Sciences

Analysis of Secondary Metabolite Production and Antioxidant Potential in Callus Culture and Cell Suspension Culture of Ocimum sanctum L

Prof. A.N. Misra

Dr. Pallavi Sharma



Satish Kumar


Dept. of Life Sciences

Effect of nitric oxide on lead toxicity stress in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) seedlings

Prof. A.N. Misra




6 Indrani Nilima CUJ/P/2014/PHDAP/001 Dept. of Physics Quarkonium Dissociation as a probe of color screening in Hot QCD Medium Dr. Vineet Kumar Agotia ---- 12/12/2018


7 Md. Humayun SK CUJ/P/2013/PHDES/001 English Studies Displaced and misplaced Identity: A study of contemporary bangla dalit writings in English Translation Dr. Ranjit Kumar NA 12/09/2018


8 Ekhlaque Ahmed Khan CUJ/P/2012/PHD/ILS/001 Life Sciences Nitric Oxide Signaling during Cadmium Stress Induced Programmed Cell death in Pea (Pisum sativum L.) Prof. A.N. Misra NA 09/07/2018


9 Sneha Bharti Linda CUJ/P/2013/PHDAP/002 Physics Study of Complete and Incomplete Fusion Dynamics induced by Heavy Ions above the Coulomb Barrier Dr. Dharmendra Singh NA 23/07/2018


10 Nadish Saba CUJ/P/2013/PHD/CAC/005 Chemistry Synthesis and reactivity of some Nitrogen Heterocycles as probable sensors Dr. A.K. Padhy NA 18/07/2018


11 Prajna Mishra CUJ/P/2013/PHD/CAC/002 Chemistry Development of PEGylated Polymers for Biomedical Applications Prof. R.K. Dey NA 13/08/2018


12 Neha Kumari CUJ/P/2014/PHDENG/003 English Studies Bed for a Hundred Flowers: Interrogating the norms of Sexual and Gender Identities Dr. Shreya Bhattacharya NA 07/09/2018



Kirankumar Nittali


English Studies Violence, Trauma and Memory: Relocating Women in Select Narratives

Dr. Shreya Bhattacharji

NA 28/08/2018


14 Mr. Ibrahim Hashem Ali Al-Huri CUJ/P/2013/PHDES/002 English Studies Didlossia in the Arab Media: A Comparative Study of Arabic Use in Five Arab Satellite Channels

Dr. Mayank Ranjan

NA 12/09/2018


15 Parameshwar Kommu CUJ/P/2014/PHDNT/02 Nanotechnology   Dr. A.S. Bhattacharya Dr. G.P. Singh 14/09/2018


16 Hemant Prakash Minj CUJ/P/2012/PHD/ICS/003 Indigenous Culture Studies A Study on response to climate change in relation to the traditional knowledge system of indigenous people of Kanhachatti, Jharkahnd Dr. Sucheta Sen Chaudhri NA 24/09/2018


17 Sambasivaiah B CUJ/2013/CAC/PhD/001 Chemistry Studies of Pyrrole Based Ligands: Synthesis, Structure and Reactivity Dr. Soumen Dey NA 27/09/2018


18 Simpi Bhawna Patel CUJ/2013/CAC/PHD/004 Chemistry Defluoridation of aqueous solution using hybrid sorbents: synthesis and batch adsorption studies Prof. R.K. Dey Dr. Sanjaya Kumar Swain 14/01/2019


19 Naseer Ahmad Malik CUJ/P/2014/PHDAM/01 Mathematics Study of Generalization of Hadamard Matrix Dr. Hrishikesh Mahato --------- 08/02/2019


20 Vikram Pal Gandhi CUJ/P/2014/PHDLS/001 Life Sciences Molecular Analysis of mlrA Gene Containing Bacteria Isolated from Microcystin Infested Water Bodies. Dr. Anil Kumar --------- 22/02/2019


21 Eshey Namgial CUJ/P/2013/PHDFELT/001 Far East Languages (Tibetan) Salient Features of Ladakhi Language: A Critical Study Dr. Konchok Tashi --------- 24/04/2019


22 Phuntsog Dolma CUJ/P/2014/PHDFELT/001 Far East Languages (Tibetan) Changes in the Socio-Cultural identity of Ladakh: An Ethno-Historical study on Post-Colonial Ladakh Dr. Kalsang Wangmo --------- 26/04/2019


23 Kamdeo Pramanik CUJ/P/2014/PHDLS/002 Life Sciences Role and regulation of matrix metalloproteinase-2 (MMP-2) and MMP-9 in chewing tobacco mediated oral squamous cell carcinoma Dr. Rajakishore Mishra --------- 03/05/2019