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A lecture on Responsiblity of Indian Citizen under the Constitution

Ranchi, Dec 21: A responsible person is one who is morally accountable for one’s behavior and legally speaking responsibility means the state of fact of being responsible, according to Mr Justice Pinaki Chandra Ghosh, judge of Supreme Court.

Mr Justice Ghosh delivered a lecture on ‘Responsibility of Indian Citizen under the Constitution of India’ at a function organized by the Central University of Jharkhand today.

He said a good constitution is the greatest blessing which a society can enjoy, however, adding its strength entirely lies the determination of each citizen to defend ho saidit.mesage

The SC judge said so much stress had been being given to ‘rights’ but in this regard it is essential to remember the message of Mahatma Gandhi who said that all rights to deserved and preserved come duty well done.

He said “be it a politician, media person, a professional or an ordinary citizen performing his work in any sphere of life everyone is expected to mould his role not only a responsible subject of the state but also as a citizen ruler. The responsibility to accelerate the pace of development in the country lies on the shoulder of every citizen.


Vice chancellor of the CUJ Prof Darlando T Khathing in his brief address while deliberating on the importance of the topic said it touches all of us. “We need to be human being…unless we are considerate it is difficult to be responsible”, Prof Khathing said.

High court sitting judges including Mr justice H S Mishra, Mr Justice R R Prasad and Mr Justice A Singh graced the occasion besides faculty members, administrative staff and students.

Prof Jeuti Barooah delivered the welcome note and Registrar Prof AK Sharma proposed the vote of thanks.

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