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CUJ to celebrate Chinese New Year 2014 at campus

Ranchi, Feb 10: The Centre for Far East Languages, Chinese will celebrate Chinese New Year ‘Chunjie’ also called as Spring Festival, at the Central University of Jharkhand for three days beginning February 12 next.

   Through celebration of Chinese New Year, the Centre aims to profess and propagate Chinese culture and language to all CUJ members in general and to its students in particular.

   Dr. Yuge Ma, a scholar from Oxford University has kindly given her consent to deliver lecture on the topic “Juxtapose: a global odyssey of knowing China and India”, which will be held on 13th February in the university auditorium. She has also consented to conduct the class/lecture to the students of Far East Languages, Chinese.

   Mr. Zhang Yang, another scholar from JNU, New Delhi, will deliver a lecture to the students of Far East Languages, Chinese on February 14. He will also speak on “Hurdles in learning Chinese Language” to the students of the Centre.

   During the three-day programme, the Centre shall be engaging faculties and students in intellectual discourse as well as showcasing cultural activities. This celebration will include skits, songs and dances using the language, Centre coordinator Arpana Raj said adding the it is also organising a quiz and a speech competition on issues related to China to have a greater participation of the students of different faculties of the university.

   A few Chinese scholars/students have been invited to have interaction with students of Chinese Language and Culture. Besides, they will also showcase traditional arts, crafts and cultural skills to the students.


The Centre for Far East Languages (Chinese) was established in 2012 at Central University of Jharkhand. Through these few years, the Centre has introduced 5-Year Integrated (Bachelors + Masters) Degree Course and One-Year Diploma and Six-Month Certificate Courses. At Present there are 5 faculty members and 36 students enrolled in different programmes in the Centre. Apart from Chinese language and Literature, there are courses on various aspects like Chinese History, Geography, Politics, and Culture etc.
   These courses include extensive usage of the Audio-Visual Language Lab, which makes the courses interesting and efficient. Along with these courses, the Centre has been trying to include more and more extracurricular activities to provide a better language learning environment for the students. These include time to time Chinese movie shows and Interactive sessions with faculties from Universities like Jawaharlal Nehru University and overseas. We also had a chance to have a story telling session for the students which included the famous story teller Uncle Fat (胖叔叔) and Wu Guoqiang (吴国强). More over Central University of Jharkhand has already signed MOUs with three universities in China.

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