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Globalisation is not spontaneous

Globalisation is not a new phenomenon and its genesis can be traced back to colonialism process, according Prof B SChimni from Centre for International Legal Studies at Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi.

Delivering a lecture on ‘Globalisation and International Law’ organisaed by Centre for Tribal and Customary Law of Central University of Jharkhand (CUJ) at Brambe, Prof Chimni today (Feb 15, 2104) said the term globalization plainly means a closer integration of economies and societies and a universalizing tendency of capital.

Globalisation is prompted by States and International Institutions (IMF, WB, WTO) symbolized by world economic forum (WEF), he said adding different phases of globalization can be witnessed in phases like colonialism (1600-1960), Neo-Colonialism (1960-1989) and Global Imperialism (1989-2014).

He said globalisation is not only a spontaneous system but also prompted by powerful bodies internationally and added the developing nations that depend on financial assistance from WEF are compelled to toe their line.

Human rights adopted by the state are seen most violating the same, he said and referred to the countries like Iraq and Lybia where external forces (meaning U.S) entered forcibly in the name of human rights.

Prof Chimni cited three principles for globalization justice—recognition, representation and re-distribution and referred to famous adage that “if you want to change, change yourself”.


CUJ Vice Chancellor Prof Darlando T Khathing welcoming the distinguished speaker said it is important to know one’s identity in the wake of globalisaion.

“Recognise us for what we are”, he said and hoped that such lecture series initiated by the university would delve deep into the details of the subject .

Prof Jeuti Barooah of Centre for Tribal and Customary Law introduced the guest and co-ordinator of the Centre Dr Walter Beck proposed the vote of thanks.

Acting vice chancellor of National University of Study in Research and Law Sweta Mohan and vice principal of St Xaviwer’s College Emanuel Barla graced the occasion.

Students from NUSRL and St Xaviers’ College besides CUJ were present on the occasion.

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