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The President of India addresses CUJ students, faculty members through video conferencing

Ranchi, Jan 7: The President of India, also the Visitor of all Central Universities, IITs and NITs Pranab Mukherjee today addressed the students, faculty members and staff concerned through video-conferencing.

As part of the of the programme, Central University of Jharkhand also made arrangement facilitating students, faculties and administrative staff to take part in the programme in which the President sent his new year greetings.

Mr Mukherjee stressed the need of setting goal for academic excellence with more dedication as physical infrastructure is not alone enough for meeting such target.

A large of number students from all 23 Centrs of CUJ, faculty members and others were present in the auditorium at Brambe and took benefit of the national knowledge network.

Prof Kalyan Chakraborty, Emporia State University, Kansas delivers talk at CUJ

Prof Chakraborty delivered lecture on current scenario for global economic outlook with a special emphasis on future challenges for India and China to sustain steady economic growth.

He brought home the point that four years past since the great recession ended in 2009 the global economic recovery has been very slow. The advanced economies are gradually gaining strength at the same time the growth in emerging economies has slowed.

World Economic Outlook 2013 suggests that stronger global growth requires policy action on supportive and macroeconomic policy mix by the major advanced economies like US, Japan and European Union. All over the world, hidden protectionism is appearing under the guise of export promotion or industrial policy in countries like emerging markets such as Brazil, Russia, India and China. However, GDP growth for China and India is far ahead of both advanced and developing coutries, he said.


Prof Chakraborty is a recipient of Emporia State University President’s Award for Research and Creativity-2013 and the Hind Rattan Award, 2013 from NRI Welfare Association, New Delhi.

CUJ vice chancellor Prof Darlando T Khathing thanked the renowned economist for having spared time for the benefit of the CUJ and hoped that such lecture would help all remain focused on world economic scenario. Registrar Prof A K Sharma addressed the gathering with welcome speech.

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