Press Releases

July 5, 2012

For the purpose of promoting academic exchanges and cooperation and enhancing mutual understanding and friendship between India and China, Prof. D T Khathing, Vice Chancellor, Central University of Jharkhand and Dr Xu Bin, President, Yunnan Radio and Television University, China recently signed a Memorandum of Cooperation in China. This was part of visit of Prof. D T Khathing, Vice Chancellor, Central University of Jharkhand and Prof. T Ghoshal, Dean, School of Management Sciences, CUJ to China on the invitation of China-South Asia Business Forum (Education Sub-Forum) in Kunming, China. Central University of Jharkhand is one of the two universities invited from India to participate in the China-South Asia Business Forum (Education Sub-Forum) deliberations organised during June 5-7, 2012. Renowned universities/ academic institutions from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Srilanka, Bangladesh, Maldives and Nepal also attended in the Meet.

Both the universities expressed high appreciation to the initiative and effort taken by the China-South Asia Business Forum through their Education Sub-Forum. On the basis of mutual understanding, equality and respect, both institutions identified areas of common interest for bi-lateral cooperation in terms of exchange of teachers, students and technical and vocational training under the general framework and principles of CSABF Education Forum. Both sides also agreed to establish a Chinese Learning Centre to promote Chinese language and Culture in Central University of Jharkhand. Prof. Khathing was also requested to be an advisor to Yunnan Radio and TV University, China which he has agreed.

Yunnan Radio and TV University (Yunnan RTVU) is a renowned institution of higher learning offering regular courses and modern and open distance education through radio, TV, textbooks, audio-visual teaching materials, computer network, satellite and TV network and multimedia. It is the first one of the ten mega-universities in the world in distance education with its academic credentials recognized at home and abroad. Yunnan RTVU is a member of ICDE (International Council for Open and Distance Education) and a member of AAOU (Asian Association of Open Universities) and has successfully established links with universities of the same kind in the U.S., the U.K., Canada, Japan, Australia, South Korea, and also with some universities in the regions of Macao, Hong Kong and Taiwan in China as well. Yunnan RTVU jointly runs some programmes with Peking University, Tsinghua University and Hong Kong Open University also.

Prof. Khathing also addressed the Education Sub-Forum of China-South Asia Business Forum. In his address, he said that the fact that Industry has come forward to create a special forum on education demonstrates the important role of education to both social and economic development. This is not new but the urgency seems to be conveyed that emphasis and follow up action is required to address this concern. Industry often seeks manpower who are trained in or who can be optimally utilised by it. He said that it was a rare opportunity to reach out more effectively beyond our local regional and national borders and cooperate amongst different Universities and educational institutions in different countries to facilitate teaching and research in existing and ongoing academic programmes, for the mutual benefit of the students and faculty and to enhance the academic standard of the University. Prof. Khathing also mooted the idea of establishing World University which could provide the platform for sharing of knowledge and expertise based on cooperation and involvement to build up a common united society. As part of the deliberations, all the member universities from different countries agreed to work together for promotion of education and skills in South Asia.

Prof. D T Khathing and Prof. T Ghoshal also visited South-West Forestry University, Kunming during their visit to China. The exchange of ideas and views led both CUJ and SWFU to work together in promoting forestry and environment related studies. SWFU also offered help to establish a Confucius Institute at CUJ to promote Chinese language, art and culture in India.

The University, founded in 1939, is the only institution of higher learning that specializes in forestry in the Western Region of China. SWFU’s fields of study are mainly centred on disciplines relevant to forestry, with special features and excellence in environmental and biological subjects that encompass multidisciplinary degree programs in agriculture, science, engineering, law, arts and management. The university has been a recipient of the awards for ’University of Excellence in Campus Greening in Yunnan’, ’National Advanced Greening Collective Institute’, and National Model Institute for Greening Campaign’. The University also has cooperative and exchange ties with universities and research institutes in the United States, Canada, France, Germany, Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Thailand, Philippines and Vietnam for joint research and the training of graduate and undergraduate students. Joint research and training programs have been conducted in cooperation with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), the Global Environment Facility (GEF), The Nature Conservancy (TNC), the MacArthur Foundation and the Ford Foundation (FF).