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CUJ students working on a "robot" project

Ranchi, Mar 12: Students of Central University of Jharkhand (CUJ) are working on a project on robots programmed not to depend on conventional energy sources.

Quark Ensemble, a club of the CUJ student in collaboration with Roboversity, a Bangalore-based company that imparts technical and academic support, have developed eight robots so far fully operated by manual controls and do not need any external conventional energy source.

The robot can operate in two different modes at a time enabling it to move to and fro besides executing 360 degree rotations and different angular turns.

“However, we are looking forward to developing these robots into self-operating machines”, Srinidhi, a student associated with the club said.

The students are currently focused on a robot to be equipped with at least six features including 1) using Light Detection Resistance sensors to automatically search and come into sun light and charge themselves, 2) having sufficient storage to operate even in light deficient areas, 3) infrared sensors which can guide the robots through obstacles and make their own way, 4) wireless or automated control systems and can even be controlled with an android mobile phone, 5) can carry out some mechanical works like lifting loads or other small tasks and 6) can be controlled by any device using internet (goal of the project).

The project is expected to be completed in next six months.

Faculty of Centre for Energy Engineering of CUJ B M Jha who acts as a mentor informed that each robot is estimated to cost between rs 3000 to rs 5000, which is very “economical”.

Groups have been formed each comprising six students assigned to explore and research different aspects of the projects, the mentor said adding if financial assistance is accorded to the projects it would certainly reach near the target on expected line.

Conventional energy sources, which are likely to get extinct within next 40-50 years, cannot be relied upon for much longer time. The students of Central University of Jharkhand righty understood the need of focusing on alternative energy sources. The club of University –Quarks Ensemble in association with workshop giant Roboversity organized a three-day event on exploration of alternative energy sources and its application.

“These robots are just the symbols of the future. We are trying to develop fully automated robots who could meet their energy needs on their own”, said Anjali, another student.