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Dr. Annesha Ghosh  (Ph.D.) (Banaras Hindu University)
Former DBT-Research Associate-I (National Institute of Plant Genome Research)
DST-INSPIRE Faculty (Current)
Department of Life Sciences
School of Natural Sciences
Central University of Jharkhand
Ranchi-835 222

Cell : 8840187814

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Academic Education  
  1. May 2016 – Jan 2021 : PhD studies at Banaras Hindu University (Topic: Effects of elevated ozone on wheat cultivar HD 2967 under different agronomic practices) (Supervisor: Prof. S.B. Agrawal)
  2. Mar 2012 – Mar 2014 :  Postgraduation in Environmental Science at Banaras Hindu University
Fellowship & Awards  
  1. 2023 : Selected for the award of DST-Inspire Faculty Fellowship-2022 in Plant, Animal and Agricultural Sciences
  2. 2023 : Selected for the post of Research Associate-I funded by Department of Biotechnology, Government of India, New Delhi
  3. 2020 : Won the “NASI Online Essay Competition” conducted as part of the World Ozone Day celebration by The National Academy of Science, India-Varanasi Chapter
  4. 2016 : Qualified UGC-NET JRF (2014) and received Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) and Senior Research Fellowship (SRF) by University Grants Commission, India.
Research Publications  
  1. Singh, A. A., Ghosh, A., Pandey, B., Agrawal, M., & Agrawal, S. B. (2023). Unravelling the ozone toxicity in Zea mays L. (C4 plant) under the elevated level of CO2 fertilization. Tropical Ecology, 1-17. (Impact factor: 1.333)
  2. Singh, A.A#., Ghosh, A.#, Agrawal, M. and *Agrawal, S.B. (2023) Secondary metabolites responses of plants exposed to ozone: an update. Environmental Science and Pollution Research (Impact factor: 5.19)
  3. Ghosh, A., Agrawal, M., & *Agrawal, S. B. (2021). Examining the effectiveness of biomass-derived biochar for the amelioration of tropospheric ozone-induced phytotoxicity in the Indian wheat cultivar HD 2967. Journal of Hazardous Materials408, 124968 (Impact factor: 14.22)
  4. Ghosh, A., Agrawal, M., & *Agrawal, S. B. (2020). Effect of water deficit stress on an Indian wheat cultivar (Triticum aestivum L. HD 2967) under ambient and elevated level of ozone. Science of The Total Environment714, 136837 (Impact factor: 10.75)
  5. Ghosh, A., Pandey, A. K., Agrawal, M., & *Agrawal, S. B. (2020). Assessment of growth, physiological, and yield attributes of wheat cultivar HD 2967 under elevated ozone exposure adopting timely and delayed sowing conditions. Environmental Science and Pollution Research27(14), 17205-17220 (Impact factor: 5.19)
  6. Ghosh, A., Pandey, B., Agrawal, M., & *Agrawal, S. B. (2020). Interactive effects and competitive shift between Triticum aestivum L.(wheat) and Chenopodium album L.(fat-hen) under ambient and elevated ozone. Environmental Pollution265, 114764 (Impact factor: 9.98)
  7. Pandey, A. K., Ghosh, A., Agrawal, M., & *Agrawal, S. B. (2018). Effect of elevated ozone and varying levels of soil nitrogen in two wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) cultivars: Growth, gas-exchange, antioxidant status, grain yield and quality. Ecotoxicology and environmental safety158, 59-68. (Impact factor: 7.12)
Book Chapters  
  1. *Pandey, B., Ghosh, A., 2022. Toxicological implications of fine particulates: sources, chemical composition and possible underlying mechanism. In Airborne Particulate Matter (pp. 131-166). Springer.
  2. Ghosh, A., Singh, P., Agrawal, M., *Agrawal, S.B., 2021. Response of crop plants to tropospheric ozone under different agronomic practices: An insight into the mechanisms and signalling pathway(s) underlying such interactions. In Tropospheric ozone: A hazard for vegetation and human health (pp. 380). Cambridge Scholars Publishing.
  3. Ghosh, A., *Pandey, B., Yadav, D.S., 2021.Implications of ozone on ecosystem services. In Tropospheric ozone: A hazard for vegetation and human health (pp. 426). Cambridge Scholars Publishing.
  4. Mishra, S., Ghosh, A., Rai, K., Jaiswal, B., Yadav, D.S., Agrawal, M. and *Agrawal, S.B., 2021. Dimensions of climate change and its consequences on ecosystem functioning. In Global Climate Change (pp. 109-149). Elsevier.
  5. Pandey, A.K., Ghosh, A., Rai, K., Fatima, A., Agrawal, M. and *Agrawal, S.B., 2019. Abiotic Stress in Plants: A General Outline. In Approaches for Enhancing Abiotic Stress Tolerance in Plants (pp. 1-46). CRC Press.
  6. Ghosh, A., Singh, A.A., Agrawal, M. and *Agrawal, S.B., 2018. Ozone toxicity and remediation in crop plants. In Sustainable Agriculture Reviews 27 (pp. 129-169). Springer, Cham.
Popular Articles  
  1. Ghosh, A. and *Agrawal, S.B., 2021. Environews Special Issue: Climate Change and Agricultural Ecosystem, International Society of Environmental Botanists Newsletter
  1. Worked on Characterization of pesticides residues (OPPs and OCPs) through surface water analysis in the National Capital Regions, India at National Reference Trace Organic Laboratory, Central Pollution Control Board, India from 20th May to 04th July, 2013.
  2. Worked on Preparation of spatial database of all urban elements for sustainable environmental planning on ARC GIS software under Prof. K.N.P Raju, Remote Sensing and Satellite, Department of Geography, Banaras Hindu University from January, 2014 to April, 2014.
Important Conference/Workshops/Seminars  

National Conferences

  1. Presented poster entitled “Ground level ozone induced phytotoxicity in crops and remediation adopting different agronomic practices” in Society for Educational Development and Environmental Research, Varanasi, India.
  2. Presented poster entitled “Impact of surface level of ozone in crop plants and its alleviation by adopting different agronomic practices” in National Symposium on Issues and Challenges in Ecological Sciences, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, India
  3. Presented poster entitled “Interactive effects of water deficit and ozone stress on the growth, gas exchange parameters, and yield in wheat cultivar HD 2967” in National Symposium on Current Trends and Future Prospects in Plant Science Research, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, India
  4.  Presented poster entitled “Alleviation of ground level ozone induced phytotoxicity by adopting different agronomic practices” in Prospects and Retrospect of Life Sciences in India, Udai Pratap College, Varanasi, India.

International Conferences

  1. Presented Poster entitled “Interactive study of ozone and water stress on growth, physiology, antioxidant status, nutrient distribution and grain yield of wheat cultivar HD 2967” in 5th Asian Air Pollution Workshop, at Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, India.
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3rd August, 2023