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Department of Chemistry

Profile of Faculty

Dr.Arvind Lal

Assistant Professor,
Department of Chemistry,
Central University of Jharkhand, Ranchi

Cell : 9122937299/8986960554
E-Mail :

Educational Qualification   M.Sc. ( Chemistry), Ph.D. ( Engineering) from BIT Mesra Ranchi
Awards/ recognition  
  1. Got state merit scholarship from Matriculation to  B.Sc (Hons) from state Government of Bihar.
  2. Got Medals from Member Mechanical Railway Board New,Delhi overall for best Performance at IRIMEE,Jamalpur.
  3. Got several times Director’s awards from IRIMEE,Jamalpur.
  4. Got several times merit certificates on different occasions such as Swachh Rail Abhiyan & Railway weeks.
  5. Got several times Hindi/Rajbhasha award etc.
Area of Interest  
  1. Alternative materials ( such as Plastics,Rubbers, composite and other industrial based  materials like  metals,non-metals etc) and its quality controls for application in Indian Railways/other industries
  2. Alternative fuels ( Bio-diesels) and welding Technology .
  3. Pollution controls.( waste management, ETP etc)
Courses Taught  
  • Corrosion science
  • Analytical chemistry
  • Polymers
Brief Introduction  

Joined as a Assistant Professor at CUJ Ranchi on 03.03.2020 .Prior to this University, i was Ex Faculty member  at IRIMEE ( Indian Railways Institute of Mechanical & Electrical Engineering),Jamalpur/ Indian Railways Locomotive workshop,E.Railway,Jamalpur having  more than 24 years of teaching/Industrial experience in different field of different types of materials and its quality control used in Indian Railways,Alternative fuels and Pollution control measures taken in IR such as solid waste management, Uses of bio-toilets in Indian Railway Coaches, Weld quality improvement in Indian Railways etc. Identify as a resource person from Railway Board to publish articles related to Indian Railways.I got  Ph.D ( In  Engineering)  from BIT Mesra Ranchi in 2014 on the topic “Study of Bio-diesel from some vegetable oils and their Engine performance”.

Administrative responsibilities (with active period)   Member of Proctorial Board of CUJ, Ranchi since 09/11/2020 for the period of three years
Additional role/ responsibility  
  1. Member of Departmental academic Purchase committee since 13/10/2020
  2. Member of Central Admission committee Board since 30/09/2020
Articles Published/Accepted  

Research publications
Articles in Journals (Published/ Accepted)

  1. Bhanu Pratap and  Arvind Lal, October 2020. “Physico-chemical characterization (in silico analysis) of Rv2034 protein, a transcription factor from Mycobacterium tuberculosis”, International Journal of New Innovations in Engineering and Technology ( IJNIET), 15(1): 01-04. ISSN:2319-6319.
  2. Manoj Kumar,N.K.Y Indu and Arvind Lal,September 2020. “Synthesis, characterization and catalytic studies of nonstoichiometric mixed oxides of cerium”, Journal of Emerging technologies and Innovative Research –An International Open Accessjournal(JETIR),7(9):1063-1067.ISSN:2349-5162. DOI:
  3. Arvind Lal and N.K.Yadav ‘Indu’, December- 2019. ” Polanga oil based bio-diesel         ( POBD): A clean burning liquid fuel for Indian Railways Application”. International Journal of latest trends in Engineering and Technology ( IJLTET),15(2):55-60. ISSN:e-2278-621X,p-2319-3778 DOI:
  4. Arvind Lal and N.K.Yadav.’Indu’,December-2019.“Deterioration of rubbers in Waste Cooked oil Bio-diesel ( COBD) and HSD fuel used in Indian Railways”. International Journal of New Innovations in Engineering and Technology ( IJNIET), 12(3): 70-75. ISSN:2319-6319.
  5. Arvind Lal, Arbind Kumar and N.K.Yadav.‘Indu’,December 2018. “  Study of Pongamia-pinata based plant fuel and their Engine Performance”.Journal of Emerging technologies and Innovative Research –An International Open Access journal(JETIR),5(12):616-621.ISSN:2349-5162. Weblink = JETIR1812C90.
  6. Arvind Lal,August-2018. “Bio-diesel-A better substitute fuel for Diesel engine”. Journal of Emerging technologies and Innovative Research –An International Open Access journal ( JETIR),5(8): 663-669. ISSN:2349-5162 Weblink = JETIR1808999.
  7. Satya Deo Ram, Jai Prakas, S.K Dhiman, Arvind Lal and Arbind Kumar May-2015. “ Study of Bulk modulus of compressibility of bio-diesel and their impact on exhaust emission”. International  Journal of Emerging Technology and Innovative Engineering ( IJETIE),1(5): 1-7,ISSN: 2394-6598.
  8. Satya Deo Ram, Jai Prakash, S.K Dhiman, Arvind Lal  and  Arbind Kumar        May-2015. “Optimization of Production and Quality Assessment of  Biodiesel from Karanja  Vegetable oil ”. International Advanced research Journal in Science, Engineering and Technology  ( IARJSET),2(5):13-18,ISSN: ONLINE 2393-8021 PRINT 2394-1588.
  9.  R.P.Singh, Arbind kumar and Arvind Lal,Feb-2013. “Bio-diesel- A  Sustainable energy Resources made from Non-edible oils”. International Journal of Emerging Technology and Advanced Engineering( IJETAE),3(3):112-118,ISSN: 2250-2459.
  10. Arvind Lal, S.K. Dhiman, Arbind Kumar, A.K. Gupta and N.K. Yadav ,2011.“Performance and Exhaust Emissions Study of Bio-fuel Plant ”. International Journal of Engineering research and Technology ( IJERT),4(5):521-533,ISSN:0974-3154.
  11. Arvind Lal, A. Kumar, A.K. Gupta and N.K. Yadav,June-2011. “  Waste Cooked oil as an alternative feedstock for Biodiesel production in Indian Railways”. Asian Journal of Research in Chemistry ( Asian J. research  Chem ) ,4(6):942-945,  ISSN: online 0974-4150,print  0974-4169. 
  12. Arvind Lal , A.K. Gupta, A. Kumar and N.K. Yadav ‘Indu’ ,June-2010.      Manufacture and study of Physico-chemical Properties of Karanja Bio-diesel . Material Science research India  An International  research  Journal of Material sciences,7(1):153-158,ISSN: online 2394-0565,print 0973-3469.

Books and Book Chapters (Published/ Accepted)

  1. Arvind Lal , R.P.singh, Arbind Kumar,A.K.gupta  and N.K. Yadav ‘Indu’  ,2012.       Bio-diesel-A Green alternative fuel made from Non-edible oils.  Book on Green  Chemistry for Greener Environment. Editor-in Chief Dr. Raghvendu Pathak of Pachhunga University college Aizawl Mizoram and published by , Educretion Publishing ,pp.21- 42  ISBN: 978-81-928823-7-6.
  2. Arvind Lal , G.Chowdhury, A. Kumar and N.K. Yadav  ,December-2008. Prospects of Renewable Energy in Indian Railways- A Challenge . Book on Renewable Energy and Environment for Sustainable Development. Editors V.K.Vijay  & H.P.Garge of IIT Delhi and published by Narosa Publishing House,pp.129-135  ISBN: 978-81-7319-993-6.

International conferences:

  1. Dr.Arvind Lal,  2020. Steps taken by Indian Railways during the COVID-19 Crisis. Participated and delivered an Invited lecture in International webinar on abatement techniques and Impact of COVID-19, organized by an International Journal Physical and Environmental Science Bulletin, India during May 23 -24, 2020.
  2. Arvind Lal and G.Chowdhury, 2017. Uses of Polysilazanes based Anti graffitic Nano-coating for the Indian Railways Coaches. Participated and paper presented in  International Conference on Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology( ICNANO-17), organized by International Association of Advanced materials,Sweden( IAAM) , India during March  1-3, 2017.
  3. R.P.Singh,Arbind Kumar and Arvind Lal , 2013. Bio-diesel- A Sustainable energy Resources made from Non-edible oils. Participated, paper presented and cochaired the Technical session in International Conference on Energy Resources & Technologies for Sustainable Development . (ICERTSD 2013) , organized by Bengal Engineering & Science University, Shibpur, West Bengal  Howrah, India during  February 7-9, 2013. 
  4. Arvind Lal , G.Chowdhury,Arbind Kumar and N.K.Yadav ‘Indu’ 2010. Bio-Diesel for Indian Railways application & Second generation bio-fuels from Algae. Participated and poster  presented in  1st International Conference on New Frontiers in Bio-Fuels ,Indian Habitat Center,New Delhi, organized by ( Delhi Technical University) DTU/Delhi, India during January 18-19, 2010.
  5. Arvind Lal , G.Chowdhury,Arbind Kumar and N.K.Yadav ‘Indu’ 2010. Prospect of Renewable Energy in Indian Railways-A Challenge.Participated and poster  presented in International Conference on Renewable Energy Asia 2008. organized by IIT, Delhi , India during December 11-13, 2008

National conferences:

  1. S.K. Bag, R.K.Gupta and Dr.Arvind Lal  2021. Study of alkali-catalysed Karanga oil as a potential resource of Bio-diesel.Online participated and delivered a invited talk  ( in National Conference on Cutting Edges in material sciences.Organized by University department of Physics,L.N.M.University,Darbhanga,Bihar-846004  , India in  February  11, 2021.
  2. Arvind Lal and  B.R.Verma  2018. Green Steps Taken by Indian Railway towards Environmental Sustainability.Participated and paper presented in National Conference on Civil Engg. And Sustainable Urban Development NCCESUD-2018. organized by BIT,Mesra Patna Campus P.O.B.V College,Patna  , India during February  16-17, 2018.
  3. Arvind Lal ,  S.L.Pandit and N.K.Yadav ‘Indu’  2017. Waste Cooked oil: A Sustainable resources of Clean Energy .Participated and paper presented in National Conference in Bihar Vigyan Congress,Patna organized by Science & Technology State Government .Bihar , India during February  17-19,  2017 .
  4. Arvind Lal , S.L.Pandit  and S.K.Sen 2012. Development of Environmental friendly Biological Toilet system for Indian Railways.Participated and paper  presented in National Conference on Recent Trends in Chemical Sciences  organized by BIT, Deoghar Jharkhand , India during February  18-19, 2012.
  5. Arvind Lal ,  Arbind kumar  and N.K.Yadav ‘Indu’  2009. Algae Bio-fuels: Towards reducing Global warming and Environmental Impacts .Participated and paper presented in 20th All India congress of Zoology in Bioresources and its Management for food, Livelihood and Environmental Security and National Helminthological Congress organized by Fisheries Centre Bombay , India during December   29-31,  2009.
  6. Arvind Lal ,  Arbind kumar  and N.K.Yadav ‘Indu’,  2007. Pollution Control Measures  taken by Indian Railways in Workshop and Diesel Sheds- An Overview Participated and paper presented in National conference on Adventures in Ecological waste Effluent Recycling, Chem.Engg.Division ,Kolkata organized by WBSC,Institution of Engineers ( IEI),India Kolkata , India during December   22-23,  2007.
  7. Arvind Lal  and S.K.Gangopadhyay ,  2006. Composite Material: An Overview.        ( Selection of Raw Materials for the manufacturing of Composite Materials . Participated and paper presented in National conference on polymer Composite-2006,organized by Research Design & Standards Organisation( R.D.S.O),Lucknow-226011 U.P, India during December   12-13,  2006.
Program Organized  
  1. Many courses organised for the Officers and supervisors (IES,s, SSE,CMA/CMS) of Indian Railways and for other PSUs
  2. Conducted many seminars/workshop related to Indian Railways Technologies
Any Other Information  

Delivered many invited talk on many forum such as Indian Academy of Science,Bangalore in the refresher course in recent advances in Chemistry on the topic “Application of Engineering materials and their research scope” and on the occasion of world Environment Day on 6th June every year at  IRIMEE,Jamalpur and Eastern Railway Locomotive workshop,Jamalpur on the different topics related to Environment.

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