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Dr. Deepika Srivastava

Assistant Professor,
Department of Performing Arts

Cell : 9839807835
E-Mail :,

Educational Qualification   PG, NET, PhD, Sangeet Prabhakar, Sangeet Praveen
Area of Interest   Hindustani Classical Vocal Music and Rabindra Sangeet
Courses Taught   UG, PG, Phd
Awards/ Recognition  
  1. Received ‘Jharkhand Gaurav Samaan Award’.
  2. Received Gold Medal for National Award “Aadarsh Vidya Saraswati Rashtriya Puraskar and Best Teacher Award.
  3. Received Award of Appreciation from Honorable Vice Chancellor, Central University of Jharkhand.
  4. Special Honour awarded by Bhojpuriya Suro Ke Ustad (2011).
  5. Special Honour awarded by Inner Wheel Club of Allahabad Navya for being a women of substance (2011).
  6. National Scholarship Awarded by Ministry of Culture (2005-2007).
  7. Awarded Chancellor Silver Medal for allround performance by University of Allahabad (2004-2005).
  8. Special Honour awarded by Bengali Social & Cultural Association, Allahabad (2005).
  9. Acknowledgement by Jhilmil Association (2004).
  10. Stood Ist position in Khayal Gayan and Sugam Sangeet in Prayag Utsav Sangeet Pratiyogita (1995 & 2002).
  11. Stood Ist position in Khayal Gayan (Seniour Group) in Akhil Bharatiya Sangeet Pratiyogita, Prayag Sangeet Samiti, Allahabad.
Brief Introduction  

Born (1981) in an aroma of music, Deepika is the fourth-generation musician of the Bhattacharya family. She was born and brought up in a family of musicians in Allahabad. Her family represents Allahabad’s rich cultural heritage.  Her illustrated great grandfather Dr. D.R Bhattacharya was the Vice Chancellor of the University of Allahabad. He was also one of the founder members of Department of Music and Fine Arts, University of Allahabad. Her grandfather Dr. P.R Bhattacharya was a senior musician and headed the Department of Music and Performing Arts, University of Allahabad. At the tender age of four she was introduced to music by her grandfather.  Since then, she has been undergoing regular and rigorous training in music. She was indebted to her Guru Dr,Geeta Banerjee and her dada guru Pandit Ramashraya Jha a great  name of all time in the field of Indian Classical Music for blessing her with all their learning. She inherited   from them two different rich Gharanas (tradition)namely "Bhatt & Kirana" Gharanas.
Deepika has held high the name of her alma mater as well as of the city in various cultural meets all over the country where she has performed not only in classical but also in the field of semi-classical and light music.
Many of her articles were published in different leading magazines, newspapers and research papers as published in International and National Journals. And UGC Care Listed Journals also. A book titled ‘Rabindra Sangeet Mein Sangeetik Tatva’ is published in 2011.She attend and present papers in different National and International Seminars. Depika hold the D.Phil/Ph.D degree from University of Allahabad, Sangeet Praveen from Prayag Sangeet Samiti Allahabad. Apart from that she is a Net holder also.
Some of her remarkable achievements include : -

(i) Received Jharkhand Gaurav Samman Award
(ii) Holder of Chanceller Silver Medal of Allahabad University in the year 2004-05.
(iii) National Scholarship awarded by Ministry of Culture for the year 2005.
(iv) Special honor awarded by Bhojpuriya Suro Ke Ustad 2011.
(v) Special honor awarded by Inner wheel club of Allahabad Navya for being a woman of substance for the year 2011.
(vi) Received National Gold Award by Global Management council in 2019.
(vii) Received Award of Appreciation from Honorable Vice Chancellor, CUJ .

Presently she is working as Assistant Professor, Department of Performing Arts, Central University of Jharkhand. She has special approach to teach “Hindustani Classical and Semi- Classical Music, Rabindra Sangeet” in very traditional methods with modern approach. She like to be innovative while remaining faithful to the Shastriya purity of the Ragas. Her style of singing resembles the depth and melody that combines the khayal discipline and aesthetic richness of her Gharana.Music for her conveys the messages of peace, transcendence, joy and beauty, pantheistic in its appeal.

Administrative responsibilities (with active period)  
  • Administrative Warden (2014-July,2016)
  • Coordinator (2015-2018)
Articles Published/ Accepted  

Research publications
Articles in Journals (Published/ Accepted)

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Books and Book Chapters (Published/ Accepted)

  1. Dr. Deepika Srivastava, Ravindra Sangeet Mein Sangitik Tatva, Solo Author, Sanjay Publication 4378/4 D 209, J.M.D. House Ansari Road Dariaganj
    New Delhi– 110002, 2016.

Articles in News Papers

  1. Dr. Deepika Srivastava, Bhartiya Sangeet Mein Raag Evam Unke Devta, Aaj Patrika, Lukerganj, Allahabad, 2016
  2. Dr. Deepika Srivastava, Sangeet Ke Liye Sadhana Zarrori, Dainik Jagran Varanasi, 2016
Seminar/ Workshop/ Conference Participation  
  1. Dr. Deepika Srivastava, Paper Presentation, national Workshop,’Gazal gayiki ki khayal-e-sarokaar’, 11-07-2021.
  2. Dr. Deepika Srivastava, Paper Presentation, national Webinar,’Filmon mein loksangeet evam shastriya sangeet’, 07-07-2021.
  3. Dr. Deepika Srivastava, Paper Presentation, International Webinar,’Corona kaal mein sangeet ki sarthakta’,2-07-2021-3-07-2021.
  4. Dr. Deepika Srivastava, Paper Presentation, International Webinar, ‘Various dimensions of Indian classical & semi classical music’,7-07-2021-09-07-2021.
  5. Dr. Deepika Srivastava,Paper Presentation in International Conference ‘Art through different ages’, 17/01/2017
  6. Dr. Deepika Srivastava, Paper Presentation in International Conference ‘Music Therapy For Meeting The Cure Of Various Physical And Mental Medicine’ 17/02/2012
  7. Dr. Deepika Srivastava, Paper Presentation, International Conference ‘Sangeet Ke Madhyam Se Mulya Shiksha’, 23/10/2010
  8. Dr. Deepika Srivastava, Paper Presentation,International Conference, ‘Kavi Guru Ravindra Nath Thakur ke Geeto Main Bangal ke Lokgeet ka Prabhav ‘01/12/2012
  9. Dr. Deepika Srivastava, Paper Presentation, International Conference, ‘Bangal ke Lokgeet’ 31/01/2014
  10. Dr. Deepika Srivastava, Invited Lecture, National Seminar,’Activity based Teching and Learning Through Music ‘05/08/2016
  11. Dr. Deepika Srivastava, Paper Presentation, National Conference, ‘Aacharya Abhinavguptavad Ka Chintan: Manchkala ke paripekshya mein’ 19/02/2017
  12. Dr. Deepika Srivastava,Ppaer Presentation, National Conference, ‘SangeetShiksha Aur Rozgaar ‘06/02/2017
  13. Dr.Deepika Srivastava, Paper Presentation ,National  Conference, ‘Creative Expression Through Music’14/10/2015
  14. Dr. Deepika Srivastava,Paper Presentation, National Conference, ‘Cultural Diplomacy through Music’,12/04/2016
  15. Dr. Deepika Srivastava,Paper Presentation,National Seminar,’The Role of Music in Mental and Physical Health’,22/11/2006
  16. Dr. Deepika Srivastava,Paper Presentatio, National Seminar,’samaj nirman evam Nari Shakti’,15/11/2008
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  19. Dr. Deepika Srivastava,Paper Presentation,National Conference, ‘Bhartiya Lokgeeto Mein Bangal ke Lokgeet ke Sarveshan Evam Danik Jeevan Mein Prayog’, 10/12/2011
  20. Dr. Deepika Srivastava,Paper Presentation National Conference, Ravindra Nath Tagore Ki Rachnao Mein Shastriya Rago Ka Prayog 10/12/2010
  21. Dr. Deepika Srivastava,  Paper Presentation National Conference, ‘Music As A Mental & Physical Medicine’, 04/12/2010
  22. Dr. Deepika Srivastava,  Paper Presentation National Conference, ‘Veena par Swar Sthapan Ke Vividh Aayam’,12/02/2009
  23. Dr. Deepika Srivastava,  Paper Presentation,National Conference, Sangeet Ke Madhyam Se Bharat Mein Mahila Sashaktikaran 30/10/2010
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  28. Dr.Deepika Srivastava,  Paper Presentation University Level Shaikshik Samajikaran 21/02/2009
  29. Dr. Deepika Srivastava, Paper Presentation National Conference,’Contribution of Saints In Indian Music’ 04/02/2014
  30. Dr.Deepika Srivastava, Invited Lecture International Conference, ‘Prakritiparak Rabindra Sangeet’18/01/2014
Program Organized  
  1. Mahishasur-Mardani,Musical Dance-Drama Performance,2015,CUJ
  2. Independence-Day Celebration,2013 to 2021, CUJ
  3. Republic Day Celebration,2013 to 2021,CUJ
  4. Kavi-Sameelan,CUJ
  5. Kavaali Program (Spic Macay),2021
  6. Antarashtriya Matri Bhasha Diwas, CUJ etc
Any other information   Radio and Doordarshan Graded Artist
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