Health Centre

Dispensary of Central University of Jharkhand has been functioning since 2011. Presently University is in phase of shifting to permanent campus at Cherry Manatu. So,for the convenience of the employees, University is running dispensary at both campuses for the benefits of the students, employees and their families. Dispensary at Brambe is located in Admin. building of Brambe campus at ground floor. Dispensary at Cherry Manatu campus is located at ground floor of Admin building.
The University Dispensary, managed by Medical personnel including Female Medical Officer, consultant MO supported by Para-medical staff like one pharmacist ,one sister ,one dresser. Dispensary offers OPD services along with first aid management from Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm. It has pharmacy store where medicines are available free of cost. Routine investigation like random and fasting sugar level, Hb , Hb1Ac by rapid kit method. In case of emergency, ambulance service is also provided to transfer patients to RIMS medical college or Mandar Referral hospital. Expenses related to medical emergencies and hospitalization shall be borne by the parents/guardians of the student concerned.

Dispensary have been conducting many health camps like Deworming ,blood donation, Routine medical check up ,vaccination camp for covid 19,dental camp etc in the campus for the employees of the camps and also in nearby villages for the welfare of the society.




At present, the following facilities/services are available in the dispensary.

  1. OPD services
  2. Nursing room-BP, Pulse Oximeter for O2 saturation ,Thermal Screening, BMI, Blood Sugar level both fasting and random, Hb, Hb1Ac
  3. Dressing with first aid facility
  4. Pharmacy

Details of the staff:

  1. Dr Prachi shelke, MO, Incharge
  2. Ms Nutan Bharati, Pharmacist
  3. Ms. Sudhira Minj, Sister
  4. Mr Yadavendra kumar Yadav, Dresser