There are three indoor gyms and a large sports arena with coaches in  eight different sports disciplines.

Extracurricular activities is made compulsory. Options would be increased and facilitated.

An outdoor  Sports Arena has been developed. This has playing and practice grounds for cricket, football, hockey, volleyball, tennis hard court and badminton. Table tennis is played indoors.

Indoor sports training rooms have also been developed. These include three separate gyms for staff, for boys and for girls.

Trained coaches have been engaged to train the students and interested staff in yoga, wushu, football, badminton, hockey, volleyball, table tennis.

All training equipments for the various sports were purchased and installed at the Sports Complex. Equipment include goalposts for Hockey and  Football, movable poles for Badminton, posts for lawn tennis, three multi-station Gym and all playing equipments and accouterment.



The sports training for the CUJ students started in the month of Aug 09 in the Sports Complex in the disciplines: Cricket, Badminton, Hockey, Football, Volleyball, Table Tennis and Wushu.

Yoga classes on campus held in the morning hours for the students.

A Physical instructor is always present at every sports session.

Central University of Jharkhand has its own sports unit and special rooms are prepared to play table tennis and to house three Gyms with latest sports equipments.