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Dr. Manvi Yadav

Assistant Professor,
Department of Education,
Central University Of Jharkhand, Ranchi

Cell : 998644496

E-Mail :

Educational Qualification   M,Sc (Botany), M.Ed, UGC NET (2006),Ph.D, PGPD ( MR)
Area of Interest   Gender Education, Pedagogy of Science, Inclusive Education
Courses Taught   B.Ed
Administrative responsibilities (with active period)   Hostel Warden (Girls) with effect from Oct 2020
Additional role/ responsibility   Hostel Warden (Girls)
Articles Published/ Accepted  

Research publications (Selected)

Articles in Journals (Published/ Accepted)

  1. M. Yadav,2017. Effective Teaching strategies to teach Science Concepts in a Classroom of Diverse Learners. Educreator research journal. 4(1): 18-36, 2455-0515
  2. M. Yadav, 2016. Opinion of Primary School Teachers Towards Resource room Teaching in Regular School Setup,International Journal of disability Studies, 3(2): 29-38. 2349-7734
  3. M.Yadav,2012. Life Skills Training: Teacher's Facilitator.Asian Man . 6(1): 73-75, 0974 -6366.
  4. M.Yadav,2011, Year. Give me my rights female foeticide in India. Asian Man. 1(2): 92-109, 0974 -6366.

Books and Book Chapters (Published)

  1. M. Yadav, Dalit Women; Education & Empowerment: Global Publishers New Delhi,2017.
  2.  M. Yadav,2018.Social Inclusion of Dalits. In: Diversity Reflections and Insights; Mani Bhasin Kalra, Viva Books Private Limited, New Delhi, pp. 9-99. ISBN: 978-93-87925
  3. M.Yadav, 2018. Understanding Disability, A Feminist Perspective In: Inclusive Education Issues, Challenges and Possibilities, R.Malaviya, M.B.Kalra, N.Asthana, ∧ R.Mehta, Global Publishing House. New Delhi,pp.4-72. 978-93-83837
  4. M.Yadav, 2018. Power Dynamics in Education In:Learning, R.Malaviya, M.B.Kalra, N.Asthana, ∧ R.Mehta, Global Publishing House. New Delhi,pp.7-87. 978-93-80570