School of Natural Sciences
Department of Life Sciences

Profile of Faculty

Dr. Manoj Kumar

Professor & Head,
Department of Life Sciences,

School of Natural Sciences,
Central University of Jharkhand, Ranchi

Cell : +91-9801233616 / 8585916308
E-Mail :

Educational Qualification  
  1. M. Sc. in Botany (1999)
  2. DBT-JRF JNU (2000)
  3. Ph.D. in Plant Developmental Biology (2006)
Professional Experiences  



12/2020 - present


Department of Life Sciences, School of Natural Sciences, Central University of Jharkhand, India


Associate Professor          

Department of Life Sciences, School of Natural Sciences, Central University of Jharkhand, India


Assistant Professor (Sr Grade)      

Amity University Uttar Pradesh (AUUP), Noida,


Visiting International
Research Staff

Department for Management of Science and
Technology development – DEMASTED, Ton Duc Thang, Vietnam

01/2010 -10/2013

Assistant Professor

Department of Biotechnology, Lovely Professional University, Punjab

07/2007- 01/2010

Postdoctoral Research Fellow (NRF)

MONDI-SAPI Sponsored Fellowship at University of Pretoria and Melbourne

01/2006 -07/2007


National Institute of Plant Genome Research, JNU, New Delhi

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National Library of Medicine
Awards/ recognition  
  1. January, 2021: Maximum Authors Contributing Award for a Book conferred by ESN Publications (Research and Development)
  2. October, 2020: Counselor, NCERT nominated by CUJ for MHRD-Manodarpan-GoI scheme
  3. July, 2023: Expert in Doordarshan –Jharkhand Ranchi in और भी हैं राहें (
  4. July, 2020: Panelist in Doordarshan-Jharkhand (Title of talk-New Education Policy-2020) (
  5. July, 2020: Vice Chancellor’s recognition for extra ordinary contribution as DSW inCentral University of Jharkhand
  6. July, 2015: Best teaching award, Academic council, Amity University Uttar Pradesh, India
  7. Dec, 2008:  National Research Foundation, Forestry and Agri-biotechnology Institute, University of Pretoria  
  8. Jan, 2007: International Research Fellowship by Mondi & Sapi, paper and pulp Industry University of Pretoria
  9. Jan, 2005: DBT-PDF, Department of Biotechnology Research Development, Ministry of Sciences and Technology by IISc Bangalore, India
  10. May, 2000:  JRF/SRF at School of Life Sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University, NewDelhi-67
Area of Interest  

Professor Manoj Kumar leads a research group with diverse nature of interests from fundamental to applied research; catering conducive academic-research environment with the departmental specific objectives and University mission plunk for a sustainable academic-research goal.  The group studies the complex interactions between soil, microbes and roots under natural systems and investigates the impacts of environmental change on these interactions. The group applies biochemical, molecular and soft tool methods in their studies.
The two areas of research focus on:
1) Economically important medicinal crops multiplication with tissue culture approaches and its genetic improvement through the combitorial transgenic approaches with potential vectors (i.e. local soil bacterial and fungal communities) and 2) Microbial enzymatic characterization, screened in response of natural digestive approaches of recalcitrant digestion under different biotic and Abiotic ecological conditions.

Courses Taught  

Odd semester
Agricultural Biotechnology (BIO716060)-MS Life Sciences
Plant Tissue Culture (BIO716120)-MS Life Sciences
Plant Developmental Biology (BIO32130) -MS Life Sciences
Dissertation / Project work (BIO714150) –MS Life Sciences
Plant System Biology (BIO611030)
Research Methodology (BIO911010) – PhD course work

Even Semester

Applied Microbiology (BIO621030) -MS Life Sciences
rDNA Technology (BIO621050) -MS Life Sciences
Applied Microbiology Lab (LS131040) -MS Life Sciences
Cell and Molecular Biology Lab 9BIO42260) -MS Life Sciencesciences

Brief introduction  

Prof. Manoj Kumar pursued MSc in Botany specialized with Plant Physiology and Biochemistry, PhD in Plant Developmental Biology (Tissue Culture and Molecular Markers) and PDF in Plant Stress Physiology and Tissue Culture from the prestigious institutes of world. His PhD work involved the noble in vitro regeneration system of recalcitrant fruit tree species, and molecular markers to show the genetic fidelity amongst the cloned traits. 
Prof. Kumar got awarded prestigious Indian postdoctoral fellowship ‘DBT-PDF’ hosted at National Institute of Plant Genome Research-JNU, New Delhi. During his position at National Institute of Plant Genome Research (NIPGR, New Delhi). There after he availed another PDF (National Research Foundation Award) hosted at University of Pretoria, SA. Dr. Kumar has carried out several research projects funded by Govt. Of India (DBT/DRDO) and Govt of Vietnam (Ton Duc Thang University). He is serving as editor for Springer – NATURE and edited several books; at the same time associated with several biotech research industries as research consultant at international level. Numerous peer reviewed research articles, reviewes and book chapters are available in his credit. He is member of several recommending committees, academic council, Board of Studies in several Universities.

Administrative responsibilities (with active period)  
  1. Dean Student’s Welfare, Central University of Jharkhand, Ranchi -835 205; till 12th September, 2022
  2. Head, Deptt. of Life Sciences, Central University of Jharkhand, Ranchi-835 205; 18th  Jan, 2018 to 19th  Feb, 2021
  3. Coordinator, NSS- Central University of Jharkhand, Ranchi -835 205; 1st  Feb 2018 to 25th  Oct., 2018
  4. Head, Department of Biotechnology, Lovely Professional University, India; 2nd   July 2010 to 12th  Dec 2012
  1. Department of Bio-Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati
  2. UGC-DAE CSR, Kolkata Centre, Sector III, LB-8, Bidhan Nagar, Kolkata - 700 106
  3. International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, ICGEB-DBT Advanced Bioenergy Research, Aruna Asaf Ali Marg, New Delhi-67
  4. Confederation of NGOs of Rural India, New Delhi
  5. School of Engineering, University of Guelph, 50 Stone Road East, Guelph, Ontario, Canada N1G 2W1
Articles Published/ Accepted  

Year wise: Projects details, Research publications etc.


  1. Title - AI ENABLED BIOMEDICAL DEVICE FOR HEARING IMPAIRMENT CHECK UP --- Registration Number : L-113541/2022 --- Diary Number : 23982/2021-CO/L

Project (Completed)

  1. Support to establish DBT-Boost to Central University of Jharkhand Interdisciplinary Life Science Departments for Education and Research (BUILDER) Programme. Sanction No. BT/PR9028/INF/22/193/2013; Cost: 4.77 crores (USD ≥ 637596); Funding Agency: DBT-Min. of Sci & Technology, Govt. of India; Duration: 2017-2020; Principle Investigator / Program coordinator

  2. Combined effect of Arbuscular Mycorrizal fungi on the Oryzasativa for the stress management; Cost:170 billion VND; Sanction No. : FOSTECT. 2017 BR.20; Funding Agency: DEMASTED, Vietnam. Duration: 2016-2019; International Research Fellow

  3. Study of micro-fauna in the rhizosphere of Hippophaerhamnoides L. (Sea-buckthorn) growing at different altitudes of Himalaya region; Sanction No. 1.2 of INM 311/2009 Cost:9.8 lakhs (USD ≥13099); Funding: DRDO, Min. Of Defence, Govt. Of India; Duration: 2010- 2013; Principle Investigator

Review and Research Articles

  1. Kumari, Shah S, Shit V, Singh J, Manoj Kumar (2024). A short commentary: Biological pre-treatment and its enhancement-is a primitive concept?. AIP Conf. Proc. 2986 (1): 030159. --- A short commentary: Biological pre-treatment and its enhancement-is a primitive concept?
  2. Shit, V., Dhakar, M., and Kumar M. (2023) Transcriptome-wide identifcation and characterization of the regulatory landscape of NAC genes in Drimia indica. Genet Resour Crop Evol (SPRINGER NATURE)
  3. Sonam Kumari, Jorge S Leon Magdaleno, Ravneet Kaur Grewal, Manik Prabhu Narsing Rao, Abdul Rajjak Shaikh, Luigi Cavallo, Mohit Chawla, Manoj Kumar (2023) High potential for biomass-degrading CAZymes revealed by pine forest soil metagenomics. (Journal of Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics)
  4. Sharma A., Raina M., Kumar D., Singh A., Chugh S., Jain S., Kumar M., and Chourashia A. (2022). Harnessing phytomicrobiome signals for phytopathogenic stress management. J Biosci., Indian Academy of Sciences (47) 6 (DOI: 10.1007/s12038-021-00240-9)
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  11. Jakeer S., Varma M., Sharma J. Mattoo F., Gupta D., Singh J., Kumar M and Gaur N.A. (2020) Metagenomic analysis of the fecal microbiome of an adult elephant reveals the diversity of CAZymes related to lignocellulosic biomass degradation. Symbiosis online first
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Book Chapter

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Seminar/Workshop/Conference Participation  

SI. No.


Meeting / Venue


23rd February, 2024

One-Day Sensitization Workshop on “Multidisciplinary Multi-Institutional Collaborative Research”

Invited Expert Speaker


9th July, 2022

Guest lecture on CUET-2022 aspirants of DPS class 12th Students

Invited expert speaker


25th-30th April, 2022

One week Orientation Program in Natural Sciences for Teachers of Senior Secondary Schools (OPNST-2022). Hosted by Central University of Jharkhand

Invited expert speaker


13th Feb, 2022

"Student support and Progression –capacity building and participation activities" as a Resource Person in the Online Lecture & Training Programme on “Faculty Development Programme-QIP”. Hosted By IQAC Cell, Central University of Jharkhand, Ranchi

Invited expert speaker


5th June, 2021

World Environment Day organised by
Confederation of NGOs of Rural India (CNRI), New Delhi

Invited Speaker


28- 29th Jan., 2021

2nd International Conference on Emerging Trends in Life Sciences (ICETLS-2020) –organized by Organized by
Department of Botany Telangana University, Dichpally, Nizamabad-503 322, Telangana State

Invited Speaker


22-28th Aug 2020

UGC- HRDC Faculty Development Program in Ranchi University, Ranchi – 834008

Resource Person


5th June, 2020

Webinar on COVID 19- A Challenge and opportunities for life sciences community organised by Deptt. of Life Sciences, Central University of Jharkhand, Raanchi-835 205


21-25th January, 2019

Workshop in Life Sciences organized by Deptt. of Life Sciences, Central University of Jharkhand, Raanchi-835 205

Resource Person


10-11th , August 2018

National Conference on “Biogeochemical Cycles and Climate Change” 10-11 August 2018 organized by IIT (ISM) Dhnabad, Jharkhand

Invited Speaker


11-12th August, 2018

2nd National Conference on doubling farmers income for sustainable & harmonious agriculture DISHA-2018, Ranchi, Jharkhand

Lead lecture / Invited speaker


28-31 May, 2018

10th Swadesh Prem Jagriti Sangosthi- 2018
National Conference on Intensification and Diversification in Agriculture for Livelihood and Rural Development  at DRPCAU Pusa (Samastipur) Bihar

Invited Speaker AND Convener


20th April 2018

National Seminar on Challenges and Opportunities in Life Sciences organized by Deptt. of Life Sciences, Central Universisty of Jharkhand, Raanchi-835 205



22nd-23rd March, 2017

National Conference on IPR in Health Sciences organized by Amity Institute of Microbiology, Amity University Uttar Pradesh 9AUUP), Noida, UP

Member, Organizing committee


25th October, 2016

National Conference on Natural Resources Management For Sustainable Agriculture organized by Agriculture Technology Development Society (ATDS) Ghaziabad, (U.P)

Oral speaker


9th-11th September, 2016

International Conference on Global Initiatives in Applied Sciences and Green Technologies jointly organized by Scientific Educational Research Society, Meerut 250004 and SRM University Ghaziabad

Oral Presentation


22nd-24th Dec 2015

National Conference on Herbal Medicine, Current strategies & Future prospects (NCHM-2015) at Department of Zoology, Center for Advanced Studies, University of Rajasthan, Jaipur
Topic of Talk: The Propagation, Characterisation and Optimisation of Cannabis sativa as a Phytopharmaceutical

Invited Speaker


2nd Nov – 6th Nov 2015

 A five days Continuing Education Programme (CEP) on “Emerging issues in plant diseases/pests detection and protection’’  at Defence Institute of Bio-Energy Research (DIBER) DRDO HQ,  Haldwani, India
Topic of lecture "Comprehensive approach for plant pathogen indexing"

As an expert speaker to train DRDO young scientists from Life Sciences


15th Jan 2015



Training Program on Creation of awareness among students, faculty & farmers on provision of protection of plant varieties in India Indo-Italian Workshop on “Food Technology” at  Amity  Institute  of  Microbial Technology (AIMT), Amity University, Noida -201303

Member of


26th-27th Nov.  2014 

Technology  & Cold Chain Management  at  Amity  Institute  of  Microbial Technology (AIMT), Amity University, Noida -201303

Organizing Secretary (International)


11th – 13th Nov. 2014

 International Conference on Radiation Biology ICRB2014:Immunomodulation, Countermeasures  &  Therapeutics. 12th   Biennial  Meeting  of Indian Society for Radiation Biology (ISRB). Organized by Institute of  Nuclear  Medicine  &  Allied  Sciences  (INMAS)  Brig.   S.K.Mazumdar  Marg,  Delhi-110054, INDIA

Invited Talk


29th Sept – 1st Oct. 2014

 Afro-Asian Congress “Microbes for Human & Environmental Health (MicrobioTech-2014) at Amity Institute of Microbial Technology (AIMT), Amity University, Noida -201303

Organizing Secretary


3rd  - 4th March 2014

 National seminar “Plant Biotechnology: Challenges  and  Opportunities  in  21st  Century”;  Organized  by  Department  of Biotechnology, Jamia Hamdard-1110 052



13th – 15th Feb. 2014

International Conference on Frontier Discoveries in Life Sciences; organized by Department      of Biotechnology, School  of  Biological Sciences,
Dr.  HS Gour University Sagar,  M.P.,470003, India



29th – 31st Jan. 2014

 Indo-US    International    Congress- Cum- Workshop     on     IPR, Organized by Amity Institute of Microbial Technology, AUUP, Noida-201203,  India  and  Global  Intellectual  Property  Academy,  Unites States Patent and Trademark Office, USA



17th – 18th Jan 2014

 Workshop     for   Winning     Research Projects” Organized by Amity Institute of Microbial Technology, and National Academy of Agricultural Research Management (ICAR) at Amity University Uttar Pradesh, Noida-2013



22nd – 23rd March 2013

 National Conference on Application of Natural Products for Human Health & Bioremediation of Pollutants-NPBP-2013, CAS-Deptt. of Zoology University of Rajasthan, Jaipur, India

Invited Talk


May 11-13, 2012

International Conference on Agricultural, Food and Biological Engineering (ICAFBE 2012) Part III, Guangzhou, China,

Oral presentation


5th July, 2012

Faculty Development Program organized by Punjab State Council for Sciences & Technology, Chandigarh and Lovely Professional University, Punjab

FDP, Participant


11th to 13th June, 2012

Faculty Development Program organized by Discipline of Biotechnology, Lovely Professional University, Punjab

FDP, Participant



 11th to 15th July 2011

Faculty  Development  Program  delivered  by Prof. (Dr.) Aruna Bhatia from Punjabi University,  Patiala organized by Department of Biotechnology, Lovely Professional University, Punjab, India


FDP, Participant


4th to 6th July, 2011

Faculty  Development  Program  on Immunology and Immunotechnology organized by DEPARTMENT OF Biotechnology, Lovely Professional University, Punjab

FDP, Participant


5th Feb 2011

 Bio Excellence Workshop:  Whole  Genome  Expression  Profilling  Using  QPCR  & Microarray Technology.  Organized by iLife Discoveries  Pvt.  Ltd.  Gurgaon,  HR,  India

Industrial (Technical Appraisal)


29th  November to 1st December, 2010

Indo-Italian workshop on Bacteria & Fungi for Environmental Sustainability organized by Amity University Uttar Pradesh, Noida 



12th – 20th July 2010

 Advancement    of    Fermentation    Technology:    Faculty    Development    Program delivered  by Prof. (Dr.) Ramesh Chander Kuhad    from Delhi University organized by Department of Biotechnology, Lovely Professional University, Punjab, India

FDP, University level


1st July to 5th July, 2010

Faculty Development Program on Fermentation Technology organized by Punjab Technical University and Lovely Professional University, Punjab

FDP, Participant


9th May, 2010

Seminar on Biotechnology: “The Go Ahead” organized by Department of Biotechnology, Lovely Professional University, Punjab

Oral Presentation


27th – 29th March 2008

 Biennial   South   African   Genetics   Society  (SAGS)   Congress at University of Pretoria from, Pretoria, South Africa

Member Participant


6th – 8th March 2005

 Trends  in         Cellular            and Molecular Biology organized by School of Life Sciences, JNU, and N.Delhi-67, India



16TH Dec 2005

  Clonal Propagation  of  a  horticultural  Cash-Crop! Annual Research Festival “BIOSPARK, December, 2005, SLS, JNU, New Delhi



2nd – 4th Feb 2004

 National symposium – “Plant diseases management and its control”, organized at IAR I, Pusa Institute, New Delhi, India



24th – 26th June 2004

 National  seminar  on  “Recent  Advances  Production and  Post-harvest  Technology  of  Litchi  for  Export”  .  Organized  at  Bidhan Chandra Krishi Viswavidyalaya, Mohanpur 741252, West Bengal, India

Contributor of a chapter


16th December, 2003

National Symposium on Plant Dieses and their Management Strategies organized by Indian Phytopathologcal Society, IARI, New Delhi

Oral Presentation


6th to 8th March, 2003

International Conference on Trends in Cellular and Molecular Biology organized by School of Life Sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi



7th – 15th Jan 2002

 Short   term   training   course   entitled   as   “Tissue   Culture: Techniques     to Technology” organized by Tata Energy Research Institute (TERI), New Delhi and sponsored by DBT, Govt. of India

Workshop participant

Program Organized  

National Conference (05) / International Conference (5)

Any other information  


  1. Editorial member, Journal of Aridland Agriculture
  2. Editorial member, Bacteriology Journal, Science Alert
  3. Member of EC-ISRB and Life Time Membership, Indian Society for Radiation Biology (ISRB/K-29/336)
  4. Life Time Membership: Eucalyptus Research Society, Forestry and Agricultural Biotechnology
  5. Institute (FABI), University of Pretoria “EUCAGEN”
  6. Member, Editorial Board, “The Horticultural Biotechnology Research"
  7. Member, Editorial Board (AsEB), American Journal of Current Microbiology (2013-2015)
  8. Member, Biological Forum –An International Journal, Satya Prakashan, New Delhi-110005, India
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