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Dr. Prashant Prashun

Assistant Professor,
Department of Computer Science & Technology,
Central University of Jharkhand, Ranchi

Cell : 9540103111
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Educational Qualification  


Awards/ recognition  
  1. Winner of IIMK startup competition 2016 from among 100 startups from all over the country
  2. Inventor, Innovator & Incredible Awards, Samsung Electronics, 2013-2015
  3. Android Trainer Certificate from Samsung HQ, Korea, 2014
  4. PhD-Studentship (Scholarship), Bournemouth University, United Kingdom, 2009-2012
  5. NCC ‘C’ Certificate, 2006
  6. State and District Level Athletics and Martial Arts Awards, 2000
  7. All India General Knowledge Test, Andhra Pradesh Library Association, 2001
Area of Interest  

Human Computer Interaction, Machine Intelligence in AR and VR, AI for Healthcare and Education and Natural Language Processing

Courses Taught  

B.Tech, M.Tech

Brief Introduction  

Dr. Prashant is working as an Assistant Prof. in the department of computer science and technology, central university of Jharkhand. He has obtained his PhD from Bournemouth University (2012), UK; in the field of computer science aimed at assistive technology product development in healthcare. He has his MSc in Systems Engineering from University of Glasgow, Scotland, UK. He has been the founder and senior scientist at Bipedhealth. He has worked as UK Practitioner for British Council China, Wellcome Trust, UK. He has led the healthcare technology team for Samsung, India and filed 4 patents in the field of computer science and communication.

  1. METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR MODIFYING USER-BEHAVIOUR, Inventor : Prashun, Prashant; Moyal, Devang; Tyagi, Saurabh. Patent Application No. 2640/DEL/2014, Year 2014.
  2. METHOD AND DEVICE FOR ACCESSING APPLICATIONS, Inventor: Prashun,  Prashant; Jindal, Mohit. Patent Application No. 3140/Del/2014, Year 2014
    TRAVEL, Inventor: Prashun, Prashant; Tyagi, Saurabh. Patent Application
    No.1416/DEL/2015, Year 2015
Articles Published/ Accepted  

Research publications

  1. Prashun, P., Prakash, J., “Role of virtual reality based gaming system in the rehabilitation of neurologically challenged children: A Primitive Idea”, Indore, India, December, 2017
  2. Prashun, P., Prakash, J., “Motion sensing paradigm and serious gaming during assessment and rehabilitation of motor deficiency: A pilot study”, Rome, Italy, 2016.
  3. Prashun, P., Hadley, G.J.M., Gatzidis, C. And Swain, I.D., “Investigating the trend of virtual reality based stroke rehabilitation systems”, MedViz, IEEE computer society, London, UK, July, 2010
  4. Prashun, P., Hadley, G.J.M and Gatzidis, C., “Developing a virtual reality stroke rehabilitation prototype”, Springer, San Diego, California, US, July, 2009
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