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VOIP Number of diffrent offices / Centres
Station Leave form
Medical Claim Form(OPD)
Medical Claim Form(IPD)
Application form for Orientation / Refresher Course
SCL / Duty leave Application form
LTC Application form
Annual Performance Appraisal Report(APAR) Form -Teaching
Employee ID card format
Student ID card format
NOC form Student Hostel
Hostel Leave Application / Gate Pass for Student
Leave Application form
Vehicle Requistion form
Freeship Form
No dues form for students
Internet access form for Employee
Internet access form for Students
LTC Reimbursement Form
Annual Return of Immovable Property Form
character certificate to be issued to outgoing students of the university.
Remuneration bill format for teachers
Requisition form for stationary/Furniture
Claim Form
Hostel Admission Form
NPS Form
Student registration Form
APAR Form - Group A
APAR Form - Group A (Doc format)
APAR Form - Group B and C
APAR Form - Group B and C (Doc format)
Library Membership Form for Faculty and Non-Teaching Staff a
Library Membership Form for Research Scholar a
Library Membership Form for Student a
Reimbursment of Children Education Allowance Form-----Doc format
Vehicle Registration Form
LTC Adjustment Bill Form
Application for E-Mail account for Contractual Facultya
Application for E-Mail account for Student/ Research Scholarsa
Goods-exitentry gate pass a
Google Form link for IT Support request
Official Letter Head Format a
Official Continuous Sheet Format a